And it’s sakura season.. They’re everywhere! And it’s your chance to get sakura flavored ice cream.. Yumm

Ichikikushikino, Chiyoda, Shinjuku Park, Nakameguro.

So the reason why I was at Kagoshima for 2 weeks helping out at a strawberry farm was because of this program. It was amazing. I got to go to a day care, elementary school, high school, elderly home, sight seeing places, etc. And I got to wear a kimono and meet new friends (Vietnamese food night). I felt like I learned a lot about how to raise children in the future (lol), and how I do like bing surrounded by kids. I may not be good at teaching yet, but all these experiences at different schools are helping me. And it’s fun being around them. And in this elementary school, the kids were asking for our signatures!! One of the kids even drew me on her memory bag. ;___; But anyway, I definitely recommend this program. My friend told me that one of her friends had a bad experience, but mine was amazing. I met so many people and experienced so many different things. ^__^

Kagoshima’s Ichikikushikino’s Ichigo House

I spent most of my 2 weeks in Kagoshima here helping out. Picking rotten strawberries the first day, making lots of strawberry jam, and eating delicious food from the owners. I wish I actually got to eat more of the strawberries here. When we did have the chance to taste some, the strawberries were so sweet!! They have two courses called the 量り売り (hakariuri) [by weight] and the 食べ放題 (tabehoudai) [ayce]. One day I’ll go back as a customer and do the ayce!! They really are big and red and amazing. I don’t know how they do it. And they have lots of customers everyday! Amazing..

Also, their pets Modoro and Shidoro (the goat) and Nana (the shibainu) with eyebrows.

Kagoshima, Kyushu: Famous Spots

Satsumaage, Foreign Exchange Memorial Building, Jofu from China, Shochu, Soy sauce (and soy sauce ice cream, yum!)

Kirishima, Kyushu: the scenic spots

Basically summarizes my 1 week trip in Kuroshio, Shikoku. ウツボ

Kinda. But I’m too far into my trip, and I haven’t posted in forever. ;__; Sorry guys.

Tokyo Disneyland Part02

So those cut out Disney hats are very popular.. Girls dressing up in their high school uniforms… Girls dressing up as Minnie Mouse. Duffy (the bear hanging around one of the girl’s neck) is a character from Disneysea that’s very popular. Then night parade and illuminations. Fun day at Tokyo Disneyland with friends. I really want to go to Tokyo Disneysea now!!

Tokyo Disneyland Part01

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Disneyland and first time at Tokyo Disneyland, so everything was pretty new. The rides are apparently exactly the same as the ones at California’s Disneyland. And as for food, they have strawberry churros and chicken legs that are very popular! You usually have to line up (which makes you wonder why they don’t have more stands then…). If you look really close at one of the photos, there’s a Mr. Potatohead hat.

Iiyama’s Jonan Middle School

Because everyone here is really into skiing or snowboarding, I was pretty much up-to-date on how Japan was doing in the Winter Olympics. And in the group ski jump, the athlete Taku Takeuchi is from this middle school!

So they called me “an intern,” even though it was a volunteer program? But I guess that is what an intern is. So I decorated one of the boards to what I thought American culture was. And I also had this section where students could answer questions and write stuff, and here are their responses…

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The other breakfasts from my host mom. I have so many new ideas for food when I go back home.

My first time under a kotatsu. It’s the best thing ever. And also, My room at an electric blanket which is also another awesome invention. And I basically had a whole apartment to myself. :O The best…

And on Valentine’s Day, the tea powder really looked like a perfect heart (although by the time I took a picture of it, the shape changed a bit).

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