Officially Accepted

Officially accepted by Waseda University. I’m going to Japan!! I bought my plane tickets and everything! I’m hoping to document everything with a photo a day (at least) and an occasional video clip! ^^ Hope you guys enjoy my travels!

July 9th-July 23rd: in Taiwan with the Family
July 19th-July 23rd: in Taiwan with the Family
July 24th-July 28th: a week in Japan with Mom
July 29th: move into JWU (Japan’s Women’s University)
TOTAL FARE: $1,278 plane tickets for USA —> Taiwan —> Japan .. and then from Japan —> USA

Name: Laura (ローラ)
 Taiwanese American
Occupation: Student from UC San Diego (studying in Japan my Junior Year)
Major: International Studies- Linguistics, Japanese Studies
Study Abroad Program: UCEAP (University of California Education Abroad Program)- Japanese Universities ILP + Year
Duration in Japan: 1 year (July 2013-July 2014)
In 3 Words: friendly, weird, lazy
Japanese Ability: Intermediate Advanced (have been self studying in middle school, took Japanese classes in high school at a community college (3 quarters), have taken two years in college