Tsukishima’s Monjayaki!

YES! The only reason I went on the tour (besides for meeting other WIC and international students) was for Tsukishima’s monjayaki!! If you didn’t know, monjayaki originated from Tsukishima! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this before I came to Japan, and I’ve been studying Japanese for what… 6 years (on and off though)? Ahh, and I learned from a Japanese person how to make it correctly! You have to mix up the vegetables on top first (don’t put any of the liquid in yet). Then when it’s hot, you make a circle and pour in half of the liquid in it. After that, you mix it up and then you make a circle again and pour in half of the liquid. Then you mix it up again, and pour in the rest of the stuff! There you go! :D Liquid-y goop! Lol, the Japanese guy kept saying it looked so good, but in all honesty, it looked like throw-up. I don’t know what he was talking about.. XD 

Then we also had okonomiyaki. And yakiudon! My favorite would be monjayaki! Even though it’s not that filling, making it is so interesting, and you can make it super crispy!! :D